: (0044) 0748-061-6514 : info@tensuwebdesign.co.uk

About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Tensu.

I am a software developer with more than 5 years of experience in websites and web applications design and development.

I have also an intermediate level experience in Mobile Apps development using Android.

The website projects I worked on/contributed to are of various scales from brochure websites to data-intensive sites. I have also worked on few eCommerce sites.


My Skills Overview

Programming Languages / Platforms

Microsoft Technologies (C#, .Net Framework, LINQ, nHibernate, MVC, Razor), Java(recently for Android), and PHP


MSSQL, SQL Management Studio, SQLite(for Android projects), MYSQL

Web Technologies (Website Development)

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, and limited experince in Knockout JS and Angular

Mobile Apps Development

Android apps development using both Eclipse and Android Studio. I have produced a Dictionary, a Widget and a Softkeyboard Input Method apps and the first two are published to Google Play. Of late, I have started using Xamarin and Xamarin Forms to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows Platforms.

Development Tools (IDE)

Visual Studio, Android Studio & Eclips(for Android projects)

Content Management System(CMS)

Umbraco 7: Umbraco CMS(a CMS that is based on the .NET Framework and uses Razor syntax)

Drupal 7: Drupal 7 is PHP based CMS. (Limited experience)

Source Control


Project Managment / Collaboration Tools

Basecamp and Trello

Hosting Platform

Azure, Linux(CPanel) and Windows Servers