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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Your business benefits from web presence and exactly for that reason a secure website hosting is of critical importance. I provide secure, affordable and tailored hosting service. The hosting service includes websites, blogs, email and discussion forum/portals. The websites hosting services of Tensu Web Design include:

Windows Website Hosting

Windows hosting comes with MSSQL database, a number of email accounts and an FTP account for bulk file upload. Various packages are available to give you many options that you select from and adjust your budget to your business needs. 

PHP/MySql Websites Hosting

In all cases, customers get username and password and their own individual web server management account. This open source platform hosting includes Wordpress hosting for blogs and community forums.

FTP Account

The hosting accounts come with ftp accounts for faster and bulk file upload and download.

Email Addresses

Also, the hosting accounts come with email exchange server (a number of email addresses, the number being dependent on the hosting package purchased).